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Selected Client List

My work been published by a wide array of clients, such as:
BOOM! Studios • Jim Zub’s Skullkickers • Relic Entertainment • Turbine, Inc. • Area/Code Games • Atlanta magazine • Wil Wheaton’s Monolith Press • Wizards of the Coast • Fantasy Flight Games • White Wolf Game Studio • Pelgrane Press • Atlas Games • Posthuman Studios


Current and Recent Game Design Projects

Free Games and Adventures

A Selection of Stories

Short Larks


  • Pregrets: A collection of original poems, available now at DriveThruFiction.
  • Lift and Drag: A collection of five found poems drawn from a Cessna flight manual, available free online in Flash and PDF formats. // Read more.
  • Haiku Year: A collection of 105 haiku and a handful of short articles written during the Haiku Year project—an attempt to write a haiku every day for a year. Available in POD and PDF editions. // Read more.