2011 Halloween Adventure Sheet

Every year, I run a stand-alone, Halloween-themed RPG adventure. Most years I try to swap out different sets of game rules and each year I (sometimes hurriedly) concoct a new game adventure.

Years ago, I cooked up a great scenario about the Secret Service and the burning of Atlanta, but we barely managed to get halfway into it the night we played. That was a mortals-only story for the new World of Darkness—though I might write it up as a stand-alone thing some day, if you want. Here’s the teaser image I emailed around to invite people to play that one:

From a previous Halloween-themed adventure...

Last year, you might recall, I ran a kind-of, sort-of survival-horror scenario full of druids and Irish mythology, using the Gumshoe rules from Fear Itself. That adventure was called “Harvest Night” and you can download it over here.

This year I’m doing a very rough preliminary and exploratory playtest of a game I’m designing with the great Fred Hicks, which we haven’t quite announced yet. Here’s a mockup of what the character sheet looks like for this one playtest story (though I’ve swapped out the game’s name—it’s not called Redacted, of course):

From this year's Halloween RPG adventure.

The character biography fills in the left and the game stats go on that torn-off notebook page on the right. This design plays right into what this year’s adventure is about… so I’d better not say too much more, lest I spoil it. Update:I’ve put up a larger version so you can see some of the detail in the center image. Stay tuned and I’ll post a sample character when we announce the game (on Monday?).

I’m still cooking characters and a few fine details for this adventure—and we’re playing on Monday!—so I’d better go do that.