Halloweens Past

This Halloween was a remarkable bust, but I’ll get to that later. First, I must remoralize by visiting Halloweens past through the magic(k) of photography. Here’s me a million years ago, photographed in a basement apartment near Berwyn, Illinois. This has been my Halloween costume now for several years running. (Hurts like hell since I grew the beard, though.)

Noise: The Mountain Goats, “This Year”


  1. Anonymous, 2. November 2005, 23:39
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    Hey Will,

    Sorry to hear your holloween sucked, nothing much happened here either, just went to my favorite hole in the wall bar, since monday is the happening night there. Just wanted to say thanks for dinner on saturday night. Shoot me an email sometime: saintmatt5@yahoo.com Conversations with you always seem to pique my brain capacity.

    Matt Hite aka Donal Louge/Quienten Tarantino/Donal Lougantino et al.

  2. Chuck, 3. November 2005, 13:52
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    Is that a Wesley Dodds costume I see before me, or have I lost my mind?

    – Chuck

  3. Will, 4. November 2005, 16:44
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    You know it, Chuck.

  4. Chuck, 4. November 2005, 19:57
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    I am in awe.

    – C.


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