Having just now looked at the comments on my livejournal and finding an easy syndication solution, I’m making this short post just to see if it’s worked. So, naturally, here’s a couple dozen cartoons of rabbits committing suicide. These are really pretty wonderful, and thanks go to Bri-Bri for pointing them out to me. What’s your favorite bunny suicide?

Noise: The Mountain Goats, “Collapsing Stars”


  1. Brian, 30. April 2005, 3:34
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    Not even Debz is allowed to call me that. Now I must choose your punishment. You may want to be on the lookout for my retaliaton, possibly including wedgies, wet willies or even the dreaded rear admiral.

  2. Thomas Chrastka, 30. April 2005, 8:21
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    Going to sound terribly geeky, but the transporter one was great. They didn’t even need to do the second panel. I was already laughing when I saw the first one…

  3. anon, 4. May 2005, 9:49
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    Yeah those are great, unfortunately our bunny Finn almost committed suicide by sticking her head in the handle of a gift bag and then turning around, ever since then she sneezes occasionally, luckily we were home.-anon


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