New Stories Up At Amazon

As of now, three of my stories are available as stand-alone Kindle purchases at Amazon. Each one has a $0.99 price tag. You can find them here if you scroll down (that’s my new author page) or you can cut straight to a specific story:

These are all stories inspired by modern technology writing, especially in Wired magazine. Each one stands on its own; they’re not a series. You can read more about these stories (and read the stories themselves!) at the ReWired Tales tumblr.

Future stories will come out at Amazon first and maybe in PDF later on, as I find time to continue the page design. Additional formats, like the Nook, may yet happen if you want them. Future stories might only be available for-pay for a while, to see what they’re worth. I’d love it if I could pay for the coffee I drink while I write these stories, for example. We’ll see.

I have no evidence that anyone who has downloaded these stories has read them yet, which isn’t terribly surprising after just a week but is going to prove dismaying in the long run. (This is part of what made me stop the old project, last year, along with the fact that I didn’t have time to give to free stories.) So this is an experiment to see if people value the stories more if I value the stories more. Say, a dollar.

Plus, even if the shadowy outlands where I dwell, Amazon gets a lot more exposure than my Tumblr site, so maybe this way the stories will find some good homes.

I hope you’ll find these stories worth the time you spend reading them and that you’ll be moved to leave a comment here or at Amazon. And tell your friends!


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