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As you’ll recall, I’ve been working for the last year as one part of Protagonist Labs to create the new online storytelling game, Storium. With the stunningly adept team over there, I’ve been building worlds and designing gameplay elements to make Storium a robust tool for narrative play.

I’m also an advisor for the company — and I am not alone.

A few weeks ago, we welcomed the brilliant and talented Mur Lafferty (The Shambling Guide to New York City), who came aboard as an advisor. Mur is, of course, the creator of fiction, non-fiction, podcasts and more. She’s the kind of writer who talks honestly about the craft and helps other writers find their footings. She’s also helping Protagonist Labs prepare and present Storium for other writers and creative types. I can’t wait to see what worlds we can bring to life with Mur Lafferty.

Today, this very day, we’re pleased to announce another new advisor: the cunning, fiesty, and much beloved Chuck Wendig (Cormorant). Chuck is a prolific creator hidden behind a sentient beard. The beard is also prolific. When not writing his newest novels, Chuck is writing something else. Chuck’s blog at is a profound resource for writers both nascent and established. With his help, too, Protagonist Labs aims to bring a bold array of playable worlds to Storium.

And soon.

We think we’re building something good over at Protagonist Labs — something that’s fun but also fulfilling. We hope you’ll come by and sign up to play with us as we launch our new alpha. This is an exciting time for us!