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This post is part of a series about people from whom I am learning:

That Ryan Macklin, always striving, thinking, fighting for better. He’s a writer, an editor, a game designer, and more. Ryan taught me to temper and use caution with “be” statements (e.g., “be proactive”) that aren’t supported with concrete examples of how to accomplish or become that behavior. That’s the sort of thing that Ryan does — examine what we’re up to, question how we do things, and draw our attention to why we might want to do things differently. I don’t always agree with Ryan’s assertions, and I fear that some of the battles he fights may take too great a toll on the body and mind of this fellow I admire, but I’m grateful that Ryan’s on the case, hammering his experience and vision into blades and plowshares alike, so we can all cut deeper. Ryan’s always examining himself and his world, looking for the gaps he can fill with new lessons, new learning, new legends. Though his fingers seem sometimes cold and raw and red from the task, and I know his heart aches and brain burns from the toil, Ryan pushes on across the snow, into the wind, sipping from his flask and passing it back for us to warm our insides. Drink up! #icmf