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This post is part of a series about people from whom I am learning:

I’m lucky to get to play games like RPGs with Anne, whose sense of character and story are formidable. I could say that I admire Anne’s photography, craftiness, curiosity, or quick-witted instincts to look up all that which she does not know. I could say that and be honest and write about that, but the thing I’m learning lately from Anne are some great practices and habits for discussing difficult topics. Charged topics. Political topics. Rough-edged, half-formed, hot-to-the-touch, fresh-from-the-fire topics that I’d shy away from online. Anne’s open-minded, true-hearted, generous methodology helps me clarify and sharpen my own thoughts, opinions, positions — and reveal my errors and assumptions. “That’s fair,” she says, to let you know that you’ve been heard. It’s like being able to hone a dull dagger on a sharp sword. She could slay me dead, I suspect, with that sword, but Anne uses her immense creative, design, and managerial skills only for good. Thankfully! With those skills she can crack open, unmake, and remake anything she pleases.