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You were the best. Underground, cyberpunk street samurai, burglars and breakers, agents of a mysterious spymaster with half a name, zero history, and a plan. He made the missions and you carried them out. You were the go-to crew for high-stakes break-ins, dangerous ops, and impossible escapes. You fought the megacorps, the tyrants, the killers—all for the sake of making a better future, of beating the Technocrats at their own game of shaping tomorrow. You always won, never quit, lived in the now. 

Until, eleven years ago, he disappeared…

Now he’s back—back in trouble—and it’s up to you to save him and maybe, along the way, change the world.

Instead of telling you more about the 55,000 words over 100+ pages that make up Always/Never/Now, my new cyberpunk-action RPG adventure based in part on Lady Blackbird, I shall point you to, where you can read more about it. Or I’ll point you at DriveThruRPG, where you can download the project for the remarkable price of free.

I do these so that you won’t so much read about A/N/N as you will instead read the actual A/N/N.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have fun with it.