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So protagonize may or may not be a word. Depends who you ask. I’m using it anyway.

The nice folks at Protagonist Labs — Stephen Hood and Josh Whiting — are in the early days of building something new. It’s a fun, creative product, this new thing, even in these earliest stages. They asked me for my opinion on it and now, as a result, I’m working with them as an advisor.

It’s too soon to reveal what Protagonist Labs (@protagonist) is building or what final shape it’ll take but I’m excited to bang my skull against the skulls of other advisors and the lab staff to see what sparks we can throw off. They’re gathering a terrific roster of allies over there.

While this isn’t quite like anything I’ve ever worked on before, you can imagine what sort of territory this new thing involves, since they asked for my opinion. When you see who else we’re working with, a shape may emerge from the fog. You’ll have an idea what waters we’re seeking to sail. Here’s to the voyage.