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When I’m writing, I put on music. When I play RPGs, I put on music. I don’t know anything about music, really, but here’s something I’m listening to.

Tron Uprising CD

Tron: Uprising soundtrack

I’ve seen only two episodes of the animated series, Tron: Uprising, so I can’t rightly review that show except to say that I dug some of its world-building and designs. I sought out the soundtrack to the series because I’d heard samples of it online and, mostly, because I wanted more in the vein of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy score. I listened to that and its remix album a whole lot.

I searched iTunes now and again to see if the series’ musical score was coming out and, one day, found that it was. Later, it was the track, “Goodbye Renegade,” (which I heard in a promotional piece online) that particularly captivated me. That track solidified what was almost a guaranteed exploratory sale already.

Joseph Trapanese’s great sound for Tron: Uprising is clearly related to Tron: Legacy, which he also worked on, but introduces a bold new theme for a new character: Beck. Familiar electronic and orchestral sounds mix in throughout to give the Grid a sound that’s a little bit varied but also highly unified. Listen to the strings and the beat on tracks like “Beck’s Theme — Lightbike Battle” and I think you hear the whole album’s DNA in there. Sometimes the whole thing relaxes into moody, fluttering sounds, like in “Paige’s Past,” but that track also builds into a driven stretch of electronic verve. “Compressed Space” builds and moves through sounds with grace. And through the whole album, Beck’s theme keeps coming forward.

Admittedly, I’ve turned off a few of the remixes included in the album. Maybe you’ll like them more than I did.

For me, “Goodbye Renegade” remains the big track here. I have it in a playlist I put together to write about androids for my DramaSystem Setting Pitch, as part of Robin D. Laws’s Hillfolk project, and I keep that track at the top of the otherwise random queue. I’ve kept that playlist around because it’s been the background for some great writing days so far. When I hear that “Goodbye Renegade,” I get the hint that it’s time to write.

I got Tron: Uprising at the iTunes store. It’s also available at Amazon.