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The Free Sequel idea: A sequel is inevitable, certain requirements are in the mix, and we want the best movie we can get while meeting those requirements. Full-on reboots are off the table but sequels that pass proverbial torches are allowed. These are not complete treatments. These are sketches.

This time: Terminator 5.

Requirement: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Requirement: Follow after Terminator: Salvation

Pitch: The war against Skynet rages on in the ravaged future. Humanity’s got some broken bones but is on its feet. Skynet has developed is plasma-rifle technology but we’ve stolen enough of them we can use to keep up the war effort. With John Connor’s reputation growing, he and a small group of believers in his time-travel story know that their success in the war is a matter of not fucking up the decisions he’s destined to make—a matter of not giving up the fight.

On this bleak battlefield, Connor discovers one of the Terminator design and production facilities where human skin and blood are grown. In this facility he finds living humans who have been used as the blueprints for Terminators. One of these survivors wears a familiar face—that of the Terminator that Connor knew back in 1991 (Schwarzenegger).

After verifying that these people are not Terminators themselves, Connor frees them, knowing now that there are Terminators based on these people roaming the land. Connor sets out to warn the resistance about these faces, to reveal the Terminators in their midst.

But all is not right with these survivors and, before long, Connor and his people discover frightening new information about Skynet’s reach and ambition. Ultimately, Connor must face his fate: is he sure he’s got his future history right? Can he leave humans to suffer now so he can win the war later?

In the finale, [Schwarzenegger] and Connor deal a painful blow to Skynet that serves to rally the human resistance to new levels of passion and organization. That leaves one more movie for Connor and his Tech-Com soldiers to smash Skynet and use her time-travel technology to save the world. Go forth, Connor, and make your fate.