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Razed's Temporary Character Sheet

Razed's Temporary Character Sheet

I’ve gone through and made some revisions to Razed’s character sheet as part of the next phase of in-house playtesting. I have hopes that this will be the last major phase of testing before I can start nailing down parts of the manuscript.

In this version of the sheet you can see a still-in-flux ability list (Geology probably will not survive this round of play, for example), an augmented version of the Civility Meter, and a hint at how the equipment system might or might not work (depending on how playtests go this time). And, of course, you can see that Health and Stability are intact Gumshoe-system components in this game. So, too, Drives are in play. Much of this falls under the if-it-ain’t-broke theory.

Yes, the sheet uses a mix of typefaces and some really haphazard design styles. This is intentional. Razed is meant to be a distressed mismatch. Still, don’t fret — this isn’t what the final sheet is going to look like. Not quite.

What this sheet doesn’t show off are a few wrinkles to the action and combat mechanics, some of which I’ve successfully tested thus far and some of which I’m about to test for the first time. The system is still straightforward, but it offers just a few more tactical options and decision points than traditional Gumshoe systems to date. I think it’s good, but we’ll see yet.

We’re reaching that point where I need to start turning my paper notes (kept in a Moleskine cahier and loose sheets of paper) into a more formal manuscript for vetting and perusal by wiser minds than mine. I have about a third of the manuscript already typed up and expect the rest of it to happen quickly, once I can get a few other projects off of my desk. I’m eager to get Razed in front of people — to make it a real, live game.