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So, yes, you should probably read this post by Fred Hicks: Making A Living in the Game Industry.

Fred is known for stunning transparency in his work—he reports copies sold, production costs, all sorts of things—and there he is being frank and honest again. It’s a wonderful thing. Good work, as always, Fred.

I wasn’t going to comment on Fred’s post because it’s difficult to paint yourself as successful when you’re also frank about the money you make or, more accurately, the money I make. But I put a comment on that post all the same, because Fred’s good people and I wanted to support his post. Also, frankly, I sometimes wish more people had been honest about the stakes and wages with me, back when. I might have dreamed different dreams. (Maybe not.)

Anyway, wolves and doors. Matt Forbeck talks sometimes about the wolf at the door, and he knows of what he speaks. The wolf is real. Knowing where it is? That’s important.

Still, as I tweeted to Fred Hicks this weekend, to explain why I was having trouble commenting on his great post: The wolf, man, sometimes if I look it in the eyes…

Yeah, I’d better get back to work.

Music: Vector Lovers, “Girl + Robot”

Updated: Now with actual linking link linking.