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Something like this week, Family Games 100, the new book of game essays from Green Ronin and editor James Lowder, should be debuting at your local store. Like it’s older sibling, Hobby Games 100, this one looks to be a combination of guidebook and straight-up good-time. Authors of all stripes brought essays touting favorite, distinctive, or memorable family-friendly games for you to peruse. Looking for a good game to try playing with your folks or your kids? Open the book to virtually any page and get a recommendation.

This time out, I nabbed a spot in the book, too. Right next to my beloved Crossbows & Catapults, you’ll find my essay on Cranium — I played it while selling copies of it at Starbucks, back when.

Want a complete list of authors and games? Want a peek at Mike Selinker’s essay on the game Set? Want to order your copy right now? (You do.) Head on over to the book’s webpage and get clicking.