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A few months ago, I wrote up a couple of quick characters and a sketch of a scenario to entertain some of my fellow RPG players on a night away from our regular, ongoing game. I’ve been enamored with the basic rules system from John Harper’s Lady Blackbird adventure, so I used that. The scenario itself was a riff on futuristic horror films like Alien and Pitch Black, set on a crumbling colony planet amid a nasty urban guerrilla war.

I’ve run one-shot games like this for years, using a bunch of different game systems, and they always have a rule: Only one player character can survive.

Sometimes no one survived. One time, two characters survived. But usually we stuck to the rule. Ordinarily I don’t recommend whittling down the number of active players in an RPG session down to one, but sometimes it’s good fun.

This weekend, I gave myself 20 hours to take the characters and my scenario notes and create something sort of like Harper’s Lady Blackbird. What I ended up with was Alien Survivor — a one-shot survival-horror RPG adventure. Tonight, I offer you Version 0.9 for free, as two PDFs.

The Narrator’s Guide contains everything, including the players’ characters, complete scenario notes, and SPOILERSabout the player characters. Just add your own storytelling instincts, creativity, and play time:

Download Alien Survivor for Narrators right here: Alien-Survivor-for-Narrators

The Player’s Guide contains just the information players need to get started, including characters and a quick rundown on the starting situation:

Download Alien Survivor for Players right here: Alien-Survivor-for-Players

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read or play Alien Survivor. I had fun with it and hope you do, too.

If you enjoy Alien Survivor, think about buying me a drink. Or visit John Harper’s game site and buy him one.

Edit: When you’ve had a chance to read the game, join us at the Story Games discussion thread.

Edit: I’ll find a more permanent home for these files in the future, if demand warrants.