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Penguin Books Great Ideas Series

Penguin Books Great Ideas Series

The first book of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations (at least in the Penguin Great Ideas edition I got for Christmas) is a collection of passages in which Aurelius lists people he has learned from, and what he has learned from them. I thought this a fine idea, and a ready source of blog-worthy material. So I’m setting out to write a similar collection of passages, focusing on a different person each weekday in January, until I run out of weekdays.

Please resist the temptation to wonder where you are in this project. I am writing these as I am inspired to do so, by people’s blog posts and correspondence—this is not a list of the Top 22 Most Influential People in my life. Don’t be offended if I don’t mention you.

That, in fact, almost stopped me from writing this series: the fear that you’d be offended if I forgot you. But I’m trying not to be hindered by those kind of fears in my writing anymore. I hope you’re not offended either.

I have even created a new category for these posts, so you can find them easily: persons admired.

On with it, then.