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Cut straight to the chapbook:

haikuyearLast year, just after Thanksgiving, I set out to write a  haiku per day for a year. I called the project Haiku Year. I made it a little more than three months and composed a little over 100 poems.

As I prepare to try the project again, I’ve collected the 105 poems I wrote last time into a little chapbook, along with a few short articles about the project and its poems. This little book, also called Haiku Year, collects every poem from the website, a few bonus haiku from the project, and a few pages of articles about the project. I offer it here for you to (a) buy, as a little pocket-sized paperback book, or (b) to download for free.

Let’s talk a bit about pricing.

The paperback costs eight dollars and change. If you buy the paperback, I get two dollars out of that, and you get a nifty little book. I also get to see that sale tallied up, which is nice.

I’m giving the ebook away, just to get it in front of people. If you download the free ebook, I don’t get any money. I won’t even know that you got it or how many people have chosen to download the thing. Thus, if you do download the book, please consider also leaving a little review on Lulu or a comment here on this post. It’ll help me know if anyone has actually seen it.

If you go so far as the read and enjoy the book, maybe consider dropping a buck or two into my hat via the donation button above. Your donations will help me spring for coffee and trips out of the house, both of which will help me write more and better haiku during the second year of the project. If you choose to donate, thank you in advance.