Check it out, Wil Wheaton — one of the authors whose honesty I was talking about admiring in an earlier super-emo, my-mascara-is-running, tortured-writer post this week — just announced the revised edition of his new self-published anthology, Sunken Treasure. I designed the interior of this new edition, which means I got to spend a few hours reading and re-reading the thing and call it work. So, you know: win.

Seriously, this was a treat, because it’s been a while since I got to design a book that was almost straight-up text. Game books so often involve a lot of wrangling of sidebars and charts into an established design. It’s fun to get to design the look of a book almost from scratch.

If you’re curious, the new design is set in the classic transitional typeface, Baskerville, which debuted from John Baskerville in 1757 (the same year The Last of the Mohicans is set, I think). The interior title is in Effloresce, designed around 1999 by the great Ray Larabie.

I’ve got a few more design projects coming up that I’m eager as hell to announce, but that’ll have to wait until I get a couple of writing deadlines behind me. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the new interior, or tell me what you’re working on lately.