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For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to write a memorial and failing.

Thus, all commentary about writing and endings is blown up to twice its size for me lately. It’s all swollen with injected poignancy and bent out of proportion by a lens of fish-eyed grief between me and the subject. So, for me, from over here, the following comment by writer Matt Fraction has double meaning. Both meanings—the practical and the dramatic—are good:

I’m not leaving anyone behind. I’ve stopped writing a comic book. I write lots more. If people reading it liked what I did, they can come read other comics I write. If they like the character, the character is still there. [The] implication that leaving a book is tantamount to abandonment is melodramatic at best and completely ridiculous at worst. Did Dickens abandon you at the end of GREAT EXPECTATIONS? Did Welles at the end of CITIZEN KANE? Picasso, at the far right edge of GUERNICA? No. Stuff ends. Really IMPORTANT stuff ends, not just goofy little comics. It’s what stuff does.

[From Warren Ellis’ White Chapel Forums]