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Whether you already have First Person and Second Person or not (getting them eventually should be a foregone conclusion), Electronic Book Review’s collection of articles from the books is a must-read trove of cunning essays. In addition to those, my essay from Second Person, Storytelling Games as a Creative Medium, is there in the company of such sterling articles from the likes of Ken Hite, Greg Costikyan, Paul Czege, James Wallis, Kevin Wilson, and other brilliant blokes. It’s all wrangled and made shiny by Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin.

These articles are all dressed up with hypertext footnotes, linked bibliographies, and other handy internet enhancements. Keep your eyes peeled over there, too, for new articles riffing on those from the print books. Seriously, you’re looking at several hours of good reading over there, for free. Good stuff.