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Yesterday I was in Reykjavik. I’m in LA now, which is the antidote for Reykjavik in the same way that a bullet is the antidote for healthy skin.

Flew from Iceland to Boston, Boston to Atlanta, Atlanta to LA. On the way in, of course I listened to Steve Martin’s “Hissy Fit,” from Pure Drivel, put on my iPod for just this purpose.

… he recalls a SoHo gallery owner, sniffling and wheezing, saying, “I was just in LA, and got a raging cold in that 90-degree heat,” not recognizing in this unscientific pronouncement that if LA were an ethnic group, the comment would be a slur.

Now we’re on to Gen Con SoCal, so it’s all seminars and game sessions for me and my cold. God willing, I’ll be back in Reykjavik in the spring. I loved the hell out of it. Walkable but diverse, gorgeous natural stuff right there, modern but with old-fashioned touches, hip without being a jerk about it. Great city.