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A few things from this very busy week:

1. On Friday, McSweeney’s Online published my newest Review of New Food, and I didn’t notice until this morning. When you get to the page, read through the three or four it takes to get to mine. They’re all good ones.

2. I’ve got Boot Camp working for real now. So real, in fact, that I’m playing EVE Online on my MacBook Pro now. It runs great and requires just the bare minimum of contact between me and Windows, which I can hardly stand anymore. (Seriously, Internet Explorer stopped working while trying to load the first website I visited after MSN, and that site was Google.)

3. This coming week, I’ll be out of town (out of the country, actually) and away from my desk every day leading up to Gen Con SoCal, where I’ll be appearing every day of the show. You’ll want to pay attention there, because I’ll be announcing at least one new White Wolf project and taking questions on other groundbreaking White Wolf news, as I’m able. I’ll have more about my pre-Gen Con trip as the week goes on. Until then, bear with me as I struggle to answer email and all that.

4. Thankfully, I was able to finish the second season of Deadwood before I leave town. (The title, above, comes from the show, of course.) I’m always at least a year behind on that show, thanks to HBO’s DVD-release schedule. This season struck me as savvier, but also softer, and I mean both of those in good ways. Everything felt tighter this time, a little more premeditated and a little richer in characterizations, whereas the first season was broader. In my memory, it added two new characters in every episode, and I’m surprised how many of them ended up being either important or simply much-used during this season.