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  • Eggnog’s true destiny is as coffee creamer.
  • James Newton Howard’s score for King Kong is surprisingly mellow. Probably too mellow. His score for Hidalgo was old-fashioned, adventurous and reasonably interested in the local color of the setting. His score for King Kong is subtle, bland and difficult to get a hold on. Still, he’s not Hans Zimmer, so I hope he gets a great deal of work in the future.
  • Even though I quite like my eMac, and do covet a shiny titanium laptop, I feel like I’m not a real Mac cultist because I don’t really understand how BlueTooth works.
  • The heating vents in the home office are in the ceiling. Right in front of the windows. That’s no good. Hot coffee brought into the office stays hot for no more than 15 minutes. These late work nights it gets so cold in here that my feet hurt, even with my boots on. This didn’t happen to me in Minnesota.

Noise:The Eels, “Trouble With Dreams”