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This, I think, is not as funny as I thought it was. My fondness for animals in the news surprises no one more than it does me. I think it’s a feature of being married to my wife. Anyway, if you think are otters are funny, you might enjoy this article about the battle of wits waged by the US Interior Dept. against Pacific coast sea otters. I’m especially fond of this second paragraph.

But before officials can catch an otter, they have to spot it. One recent day, as part of the agency’s fall otter survey, Sanders spent two hours near the University of California at Santa Barbara, peering through a telescope at a kelp bed where something resembling an otter had been seen the day before.

Sanders perked up when a potential otter bobbed near the surface, but it turned out to be a harbor seal. Or a log. Lots of things look like otters.

The otters won.