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Looking Forward: This week, I’ve got a game design-type symposium to attend, a nine-hour drive to Virginia for a convention, two books going off with much relief to various stages of editing and production, my eighth anniversary (which we’ll be using in place of our wedding anniversary, ’cause it’s a more Shakespearean date), my six-month wedding anniversary (added to beef up the list) and, fingers crossed, a doctor’s appointment.

Looking Back: If my memory is correct, this will be my first non-ER visit with a doctor in nine years. Since my last physical slash check-up, I’ve been into ERs for each of my hands. In college, I broke my left hand by punching a brick wall (though I claimed it had been shut in a door). In my coffeeshop years near the turn of the century, I experienced severe burns on my right hand from scalding coffee grounds (which stick to the skin, so when you try to wipe them away your boiled flesh wrinkles off like a wet washcloth). Good times. Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully get my hearing back and maybe find the answers to various other lingering medical questions that have come up in the last decade.

Noise: The Kills, “The Good Ones”