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Here it is 6pm and I’m just now waking up. Also, again with the feeling like crap. I was up most of the night by the sensation of a balloon being inflated and deflated in my ear, over and over. Whatever. Tomorrow is my appointment with the doctor, and the good news is that the trip will still be worth the money, since my ear is now wavering between pain and not-pain with alarming frequency. So, with today mostly lost and my body-clock all backwards, it’ll be crazy trying to get this weird week on track.

The good news is that, despite not having anything of my own to share today as part of my new blog-a-day program, a good friend of mine has provided something for you to do in my place. Debz Nicol — film critic, Beloit alum, ass-kicker, tree-hugger, Texan-turned-Dixie and professional potter — has finally gotten her online store online. She generously and cleverly hand-crafted an assortment of really beautiful candle-pots for our wedding, and even constructed battery packs for the electric lights we stuck inside. Now you, too, can peruse and buy the pots she creates from her studio in South Carolina. She’s good people and they’re good pots, so if you’re the type who enjoys such things, please take a gander and see if you don’t find something you like.

That link again: Gnarled Root

Noise: Beck, “Ghost Range (E-Pro Remix by Homelife)”