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Two Ends of the Mississippi
Sara’s in New Orleans and I’m in the Twin Cities. She drove down to Madison, WI for her bachelorette party, never suspecting that her bridesmaids were planning on flying her off to the Big Easy. Now we’re manning either end of the great American river, almost 2,300 miles apart. Somehow I love the effect this has on my perceptions of the country itself, us experiencing completely different parts of American culture at the extremities of the Mississippi.

While she’s down there listening to jazz, eating beignets, and learning about voodoo in the new capital city of Vampire: The Requiem, I’m up here writing about vampires for Vampire: The Requiem and “catching up” on movies. The dreaded quotations marks are a concession of honesty in this case; I’ve played a lot of movies this weekend, but I haven’t exactly been watching them. One, I’m getting through movies that Sara won’t mind missing. Two, I’m watching parts of favorite older movies I’ve just recently acquired on DVD (like Clue).

Most of the movies I’ve been seeing (or seeing again) don’t require reviews or reports, but I will say Guillermo del Toro’s Mimic is better than I expected. It takes a little while to get going properly, but it’s not the Mira Sorvino celebration I thought’d be (which is good), and Jeremy Northam’s in it (which I didn’t realize). It’s rainy, wet brick and fallen leaves look is terrific, though maybe because I’ve been working on World of Darkness stuff all weekend. Anyway, I liked it.

Then there’s this, one of my favorite bits from a comedy I’m overly fond of:

COLONEL MUSTARD: Wadsworth, am I right in thinking there’s no else in this house?
COLONEL MUSTARD: So there is someone else in this house!
WADSWORTH: No, I’m sorry. I said “no” meaning “yes.”
COLONEL MUSTARD: “No” meaning “yes”?!
COLONEL MUSTARD: Now is there or isn’t there, yes or no?
COLONEL MUSTARD: “No, there is,” or “No, there isn’t.”