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Gen Con In Pictures
Back from Gen Con. The big delight, as usual, was all the people I got to see and meet, eat and drink with. Attention all of you: Nice seeing you; let’s do it again some time soon.

A lot of the pictures I took don’t amount to much more than inside jokes, so these are all I have to share. Enjoy.

Don’t you believe it. See Jeff for more.

Alex and Mart are in a gang. They think it’s high-larious.

Fred’s amazing, hypnotizing shirt.

The White Wolf party for the release of I forget what. Something valuable enough to be guarded by snipers. Note the green laser sight.

Cheap Moving Pictures
Went out to buy a couple of Kill Bill movies, because the Feng Shui games I ran at Gen Con put me in the mood to see both films again, and found excellent prices on two movies I’ve been putting off purchasing. I assumed I’d get these movies when the price finally dictated it was time. It’s time. The movies: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (now showing) and Ghostbusters, which screens thrice daily in my head.

For your records, Terminator 2 is still excellent and marvelous. Yes, the 16 additional minutes make the movie more obvious above all else (as they did back when I first caught them on giant laserdiscs), though I do love the bit where Sarah and John crack open Arnold’s skull. How I wish I’d been able to see this movie once as it was intended: without any previous knowledge of who the two naked men (terminators?) were from the future. Oh my, that would’ve been a thrill.

Finally, I’ve also recently received a free copy of Reservoir Dogs on DVD (thanks Alex!). It sure did hit the spot.

Noise: JOHN: Police are here.
SARAH: How many?
JOHN: Uh… all of ’em, I think.