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Photo Contest Stuff
Spent this morning completing and sending off my entry to the HP/Project Greenlight photo contest. Five photos get submitted, then judged on their technical execution (uh oh), narrative ability, and originality. Finalists get digital camera stuff and a trip to the premiere of the next Project Greenlight movie. The winner spends two days on the film set taking behind-the-scenes photos, plus all the other stuff. Surely, I’d love to win, so I’ve gone ahead and submitted pictures. They may or may not show up on the HP + You website, but it’s a fun visit anyway, so go take a look.

In other news, I saw Hellboy last night and will endeavour to write a short review, perhaps over lunch.

If you’re into Batmobiles, then there’s this for you at the Warner Bros. page for Chris Nolan’s upcoming Batman movie.

Noise: The Decemberists, “Shanty for the Arethusa”